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Different Between Black Pipe and Galvanized Pipe

The time of issue:2014-7-25 9:19:37       Author:

Even though black and galvanized pipes are all made up by steel, there are numbers of difference between them. Because people have the needs of water and gas; pipes are wanted to commercial buildings and residential homes. There are two basics pipes for people choose, one is galvanized pipe, and another is black pipe. Almost everyone and every building require the necessary pipes to be run from pipelines. However, there are some difference between black pipe and galvanized pipes we should know. We should use them in right and suitable circumstance.

Homes and businesses are mostly build black steel pipe. Black steel pipe which is named steel pipes, are usually used to take water and gas into offices and houses. Black pipes also used for fire sprinklers because of these pipes have a high resistance to heat and fire. That is the reason why black pipe is used in place where cooling and heating water is carried. Black pipes are used to build gas line and connect appliances to the supply lines. We can combine welding and mechanical couplings.

Galvanized pipe is one of pipes for your choose. It is mainly used for supplying water. Galvanized pipes are coating with zinc and are made from reality a steel pipe. Galvanized pipes have a longer resistance to corrosion and more durable than black pipes with zinc covering. They make sure that in the pipeline there are no mineral deposits. Galvanized pipes are used all over the world since they have been invented. But after sometime the zinc which covers on the surface of galvanized pipes would be flake. Therefore, galvanized pipes are not used to carry gas for it will be choking with the zinc. Galvanized pipes can work a long time so it is more expensive than black pipes. It can be widely used in scaffolding, railings and other construction projects. A galvanized pipe also corrodes quicker than black pipes and copper pipes. But there is a disadvantage of the galvanized pipes that the flaking of zinc can make the pipe burst.

Nowadays there are various and technologically advanced pipes to choose. But black pipes and galvanized pipes are still popular among the people. Even there are difference between black pipes and galvanized pipes. They are two basic pipes which are made up by steel. There are no other pipe can join these two types of pipe in any pipeline.


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