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Black Steel Pipe VS Galvanized Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-7-25 9:18:35       Author:

There are two types of steel pipe, one is black steel pipe, another is galvanizing steel pipe. But black steel pipe has more benefits compared to galvanized steel pipe. To protect the steel from atmospheric oxygen, numbers of industries make use of galvanized steel. Galvanized steel have many applications.  They can be used in flag poles, rails of hand, roof of house, rails of high way. These all are some common applications of galvanized steel. To make the steel resistant longer, a zinc material usually covers the total galvanized pipe. Galvanized steel pipe usually used to deliver water to commercial buildings and homes at first time. The buildup which is a part of mineral deposits can clog the water line with the zinc. While black steel pipe vs. galvanized steel pipe, black steel pipe is different from galvanized pipe for it is uncoated.

The black steel pipe is made up the surface of it which is from the iron-oxide. Black steel pipe vs. galvanized steel pipe, the primary use of black steel pipe is to take nature gas to commercial buildings or homes. To carry gas with a good pipe, the black steel pipe is making without a seam. The black steel pipe resists longer in fire when Black steel pipe vs. galvanized steel pipe. Therefore it is used for fire sprinkler systems.

Galvanized steel pipe is commonly used in dry pipe fire sprinkler systems. Black steel pipe are mostly used in wet pipe systems while black steel pipe vs. galvanized steel pipe. It costs more than black steel pipe just because the cost of the zinc coating and manufacturing process is high. Black steel pipe vs. galvanized steel pipe, the fittings used on black steel pipe spend less than galvanized steel pipe. However, it is impossible to combine the galvanized steel pipe with the black steel pipe when constructing a citizen's home or commercial building.

All in all, the galvanized steel pipe and the black steel pipe are all made up by steels. However, black steel pipe vs. galvanized pipe, the black steel pipe has more benefits than galvanized pipe. The black pipe doesn't have a zinc coating so it is cheaper than galvanized steel pipe. The Black steel pipe is not only suitable for carrying water but also delivering gas. And the black steel pipe has wildly users and fields.


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