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The Installation of Stainless Steel Pipe

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Similar to API steel pipe, stainless steel pipe installation is known by few users. There are several guidelines for steel installation including width, depth, bottom preparation, pipe zone bedding and backfill and so on. Native backfill material should be placed in order to meet the requirements of the density in the contract specifications. Manufacturers can combine material of stainless steel pipe by the process of welding, providing rigid and water-tight connections. And then the pipe will have sufficient ductility, which is useful for being bent and formed, and horizontal drilling and the lay of the land. This article will introduce something about the installation of the stainless steel pipe.

1 Selection of Stainless steel
With such content of the soil as the resistivity, acidity and chloride, the stainless steel pipe in soils will have advantage of corrosion resistance. In general, if the resistivity values in soils are lower than 2000 ohm-cm, which can depend on the acidity of the soil, the surface of the stainless steel pipe should be coated to protect the pipe. Besides, the pipe that bedding in the sand or sandy loams can be used to drain water away from the pipe. Different types of soil have different characteristics, and there are several soil test studies carried out in America. For example, if the level of chloride from heavy application of road salts is high, the soils may be more aggressive, so a corrosion-resistant steel pipe should be chosen. In addition, when choosing stainless steel bolting and nuts, the tightness should be considered, and the materials of stainless steel pipe should be torqued to 75-85 percent of the yield stress of the bolt. The gasket-seating face and the gasket should be inspected in case of the damage of the pipe.

2 Bolting
As the tendency to gall, the austenitic stainless steel pipe should be careful for the rolled threads rather than cut threads. And the hardness of the nuts should be higher than the bolt. However, the characteristics of the tensioning and torqueing will be different.

3 Welded Joints
The joint of stainless steel pipe may be strong and restrained with the process of welding. Before the process of welding, those areas that should be welded joints must be free from grease and oil with the help of chemical degreasing agents. Besides, the oxides on the surface of the stainless steel pipe should be removed from either side of the weld areas by mechanical means.

4 Testing and Handling
There are usually kinds of tests, such as hydrostatic field testing, air-pressure testing. AWWA C604 (2011) provides testing guidelines and practices for performing these tests. The testing and handling process is vital for stainless steel pipe.


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