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Classification of API Steel Pipe

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Nowadays, various kinds of API steel pipe are flooded with the market. Many companies will feel puzzle facing so many kinds of selections. Read this article and users will find a suitable answer. API steel pipe is mainly divided into API spiral steel pipe, API line pipe and API oil casing.

1. API spiral steel pipe. Its external often does anticorrosive processing or paint black, which is used in oil and gas pipeline screw steel tube. It is classified into two levels: PSL1 and PSL2. API standard spiral steel pipe has the features of antifriction and wear--resistance. These features are reflected through friction coefficient, wear volume as well as relative wear-resistance coefficient. It includes a seamless pipe and welded steel pipe. It is pulled out a ground oil, steam and water and transports them to the oil and gas industry enterprises through the spiral pipe. The tube has flat end, threaded end and socket end. Its connection ways include welding tip, coupling connection, socket connection, etc. With the development of the pipeline steel plate technology and the progress of welded pipe forming, the application range of the welded pipe is gradually expanding. Taking these factors as well as cost into consideration, welded pipe has been in dominant in the field of steel pipe.

2. API line pipe. API SPEC 5 l - 2011 (specification for line pipe), is compiled and published by American Petroleum Institute and is for international. Two standards are made: one is API SPEC 5 l---the American Petroleum Institute Standards; the other is GB/T9711--- Chinese National Standard. It is used in the oil and gas industry for oxygen, water, oil pipeline transmission. The main production steel grades: X42, X52, X60, X65 and X70 L290 L320 L360 L390 L450 and so forth.

3. API oil casing. API oil casing has a hollow section and most of them are used as a pipeline to transporting fluid. The main importing countries for API oil casing are Germany, Japan, Italy, Britain, Austria, Switzerland and America. There are three kinds of API specified length: namely R-1 is 4.88 ~ 7.62 m, R-2 is 7.62 ~ 10.36 m and R-3 are longer and its length can be up to over 10.36cm. Besides, part of the imported pipes is marked LTC, namely the filament buckle casing. API oil casing pipe is mainly used in oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transmission. It includes petroleum drill pipe, oil casing, and tubing. The tube is widely applied to link the drill collar and drill bit and convey the oil drilling force. Oil casing pipe is chiefly used to plunk for the wall in the drilling so as to ensure the regular operation of the oil wells.


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