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Welded Steel Pipe Specific Assortment

The time of issue:2014-5-14 14:57:36       Author:

Assortment according to the use and purpose. It is classified into general welded pipe, galvanized welded pipe, the metric system of welded pipe blowing oxygen, wire casing, metric pipe, the roller tube and so forth. General welding work for conveying low pressure liquid. It is manufactured by using Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel. It can also use other mild steel which is easy welding to produce. Because the steel pipe needs to do experiments such as pressure, bending, flattening and so on, it has certain requirements on the surface quality. Galvanized steel pipe: in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipe, it needs to galvanize clarinet to the pipe. Galvanized steel pipe is divided into hot dip galvanizing and electrical steel zinc two, the former has thick layer while the latter needs low cost. Oxygen blowing pipe is used for steel smelting blowing tube, and it usually has a small diameter welded steel pipe.

In order to avoid being corroded, sometimes it needs aluminizing processing. Wire casing, namely ordinary carbon steel welded steel pipe, can be used in concrete and various power distribution project. Due to the thin wire sleeve casing wall, most of them needs to be coated or galvanized before using; besides, cold bending test is required. Roller tube is used in belt conveyor roller welded steel pipe. It needs general water pressure and the flattening test. It has some demands for the bending of the pipe, end face of the vertical centerline as well as the ovality. Special pipe is mainly used for agricultural machinery parts, steel window, door, etc.

Assortment according to the production method. (1) according to the manufacturing process--arc welded pipe, ERW (high frequency, low frequency), the gas pipe, welded tube furnace; (2) according to the weld points - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe.

Assortment according to the cross section shape. (1) Simple section steel tube involves round steel pipes, square steel tube, oval tube, triangular steel, hexagonal steel tube, octagon steel pipes, semicircle round steel and so forth. (2) Complex cross section steel tube incorporates not equilateral hexagon steel tube, double convex tube and double concave shape steel pipe steel pipe and seeds, conical steel pipe, corrugated pipe, casing pipe and so on.

Assortment according to the wall thickness: thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe. Assortment according to the end shape: circular welded pipe and alien welded pipe. The welded steel pipe assortment introduced in this article is carried by different requirements. Users can choose it depending on their demands.


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