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Few Steps to Remove the Fittings on Your Steel Pipe

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Gas lines, water lines at home, or transportations of petroleum, raw material, they all apply the welded steel pipes everywhere. It's necessary for every man to know how to remove the fittings on the all sides of the steel pipe, because sometimes you may need to take the part off for cleaning or maintenance. Since most of the welded steel pipes are connected with quite a lot of parts in the machine or the system, you have to use some special tools to complete the task.

There might be a lot of joints on the welded steel pipe, so you have to get it right about the actual path of the pipe. One of the most common fittings is coupling, which is always the terminal or a turn point of the pipe path. Before you starting to the work, you'd better put on some protective suits and equipment. Definitely you won't want to be hurt by the high strength during the operation. According to the actual needs of the type and the material of your pipe, you may need to heat the end of the pipe with an open flame. Take care of the other stuff near the pipe, and avoid catching fire of the inflammable material. You have to take away other things in the house to prevent unwanted result if necessary.

Then you can use a regular jaw saw or a pipe wrench around the fitting at one of the end of the welded steel pipe. Switch the steel pipe at a certain direction. If the pipe moves under the huge force, then it must be the right direction. But if not, you have to use other tools. If that happens, you have to take out another wrench of different size and drop it on the pipe a vertical angle with the prior wrench. Then you have to use your whole strength to twist the wrench at the same direction. At this time, the part should budge. If it still stay still, now you have to use a hacksaw cut straightly through the pipe a certain distance from the joint.

After that, mark the pipe every few inches from the every joint. Use the same steps to remove the fittings one by one. You'd better collect the every part of the fittings in a place. So it will be convenient for you to use and fix any part of them.

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