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To Cut a Stainless Black Steel Pipe Is Not That Hard

The time of issue:2014-4-1 11:04:11       Author:

With the rapid development of the modern industry, there are more and more kinds of pipe materials available in the manufactures, such as glass, copper, aluminum, CPVC, F4 and stainless steel. Among these materials, the most familiar one for most people must be the stainless black steel pipe, which is frequently used in the various manufactures. No matter the food, pharmaceutical, or other scarce natural resources like natural gas and petrochemical, they are all transported by the stainless steel pipe. The thickness and diameter of the pipes are different, which can divide the sorts of the stainless steel pipe. The handsaw can be used to cut the black steel pipes with the thin wall, but not for the thick ones, which need some particular ways to cut.

To do this kind of stuff, you have to be really careful. First you must know how long and the size of the black steel pipe you need and prepare all kinds of tools you need. You can use a tape measure or other ruler to measure the length you need. Don't forget to use a permanent marker to make a mark spot on the pipe. The vise can be useful at this time when you want to fix the pipe on the workbench. There must be at least 6 inches of space left to the end of the desk, which is a safe distance for you to work well.

Then it needs your muscle work to deal with the black steel pipe. You have to switch the handle bar in a clockwise direction to make a close of the jaws surrounding the pipe and tighten them. You will find that the bar will surpass the holding tools and directly cut into the pipe. When the blades of the tool go against the steel pipe, you can stop the cutting process. Change a direction at low speed to continue to repeat the previous procedure: fasten the handle and cut the steel pipe.

In this way, the stainless black steel pipe will be cut in a fine way. As to some thick stainless steel pipe, you have to change some details in the similar process. Line the pipe and then still fasten the vise securely to keep the place of it. Then press the jaws right in the right place. Maybe there will be some saw out of it. Don't let it bother you a lot that you can still put it back in the pipe. Finally, you'd better use a flat to clears out all the scraps both on the workbench or absorbed on the pipe..

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