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How to Remove Rust from Stainless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-7-3 9:39:36       Author:

One of the most obvious advantages of stainless steel pipe is that it can be used recycle and its ability to resistant to staining is high, so the cost of its installation and maintenance is relatively low. The usage of stainless pipes is various including carrying water and gas, cutlery, kitchen appliances, surgical instruments and industrial machinery and so on. Though the rust to stainless steel is lower than ordinary steel, the rust still can damage the steel pipe.

To remove rust from black steel pipe is of importance, because the rust is harmful for the aesthetic appeal of pipes, but also it may deteriorate their functionality and worsen their condition. The steps to remove rust from stainless steel pipe are as follows.

Step 1: Analyze the Problem
Firstly, the intensity of the problem should be understood, and we can reach the target by carefully observing the stainless steel pipe. In the meanwhile, you should know where the rust will appear before you remove the rust. Besides, the concentration of the rust in terms of its penetration should also be clear for you.

Step 2: Insert Wrenches
If you know the problem and the concentration of the rust, then you can use a wire brush to rub the rust so that you can eradicate the excessive rust. Then, you should make the 2 pipe wrenches with 24 inch handles insert onto the fitting and the pipe. If the handles of the wrenches are pressed, the fittings will loosen up. So you can use a heavy metal pipe to apply more pressure on the wrench.

Step 3: Remove the Rust
When you have removed the fittings, oil is required to put onto the rusted patch for about 15 minutes. Before it, remember to let the rust off, otherwise, certain serious problems may be caused, for example, the heat to the sticky part may be generated for 15 seconds or so and get rid of the rust effortlessly.

Step 4: Safety Precautions
The safety precautions should be of importance when you use tools and equipment in this project in case of any possible physical damage or injury. There are various safety tools you can choose, for example, gloves, goggles, and face mask and so on.

Step 5: Reduce the Risk of Rust in Future
You must determine the type of black steel pipe in order to reduce the risk of rust in future. In addition, check the pipes in case of the forming of any rust, so that you can find and solve the rust problem as early as possible.


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