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Advantages of API Steel Pipes

The time of issue:2014-4-4 10:13:40       Author:

People might feel confused when referring to API, a terminology and standard representing the American Petroleum Institute. API steel pipe is a kind of hollow cross-section fabricated by solid billet with no surrounding joints over a piercing rod. Compared to other methods of pipe manufacture, API steel pipe can perform better in withstanding pressure. API steel pipe has two different kinds in light of its productive methods. Both of two processes are commonly used. Specifically, the API steel pipe manufactured by cold method has smaller diameters, closer tolerances and lighter walls compared to that made by hot method. API steel pipe is widely employed to transfer material such as water, oil and natural gas. It can also be used as automotive transmission shaft and the drill pipe in building construction as well as in industrial process. Under the same flexural torsion strength, the weight of API steel pipe is lighter compared to the solid steel like round bar. In addition, there are more advantages which makes API steel pipe one of the most necessary materials in the world.

Safe and Durable
API steel pipe is put into use in every walk of life on account of its safety and durability. What's more, buildings made from API steel pipes have the quality to resist natural disasters such as tornados, earthquakes or even stronger attacks. API steel pipe can stick up to fierce vibrations and shocks. Additionally, API steel pipes are substantial in transmitting so that they are widely used to transfer gas and water. API steel pipe should be the preference when it comes to applying steel pipes in areas requiring high capacity to withstand internal and external pressure for its elasticity and ductility. The most incredible advantage of API steel pipe is its capability to against pressure. API steel pipe can withstand high pressure with safety owing to its high ductility, elasticity and tensile. It has a thinner wall thickness as well as a greater bearing capacity compared with other material pipes.

Environmental friendly
API steel pipe can be recycled which is beneficial for our environment and the future development of the earth. A large quantity of API steel pipe is recycled each year which is much more than the amount of recycled plastic, aluminum and paper. The productive process of API steel pipe has gradually gone green in recent years. API steel pipe is manufactured in electric plants using recycled wastes and emitting no polluted gas. It is a clean and green procedure to manufacture API steel pipe.

High Efficiency
API steel pipe is thinner which endows itself with a greater carrying capacity compared to pipes made of other materials. The versatility of API steel pipe ensures its efficiency so that it can decline the possibility for repairing or replacement. Frankly speaking, API steel pipe is a great type of steel tubes with high quality and reasonable price.

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