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Comparing Seamless, Welded, and Drawn Tube Fabrication

The time of issue:2014-8-21 8:25:38       Author:

We may meet a lot of choices when purchase the pipes. Then we should take material selection, tolerance and dimensions into consideration. We can manufacture the tubing in the process. There are three methods like seamless, welded, and drawn used in tube fabrication in Connecticut. But in terms of the manufacturing in Connecticut, each of the three methods has its own advantages. In order to understand the three methods, we should learn something about the advantages and the processes which is mainly used in advantages.

Compared seamless, welded, and drawn tube, Seamless tubing is more fabricated. They are usually using the way of drawing a billet of metal pass through a die. Seamless tubes can also be produced with this way. We are welding seamless tube without materials' variance. We know that this process may cause two potential problems. The most potential for variance of the wall thickness is the seamless tubing and we are using the lubricant in the drawing process without any risk.  Seamless tubing is a kind of small diameter tube. We can fully remove the drawing process from the inside of the tube and leave the tubes' impurities.

Compared seamless, welded, and drawn tube, welded tubing is mainly made from sheet stock. In order to make welded tubing, we should cut the sheet stock and roll sheet stock into a tube and then weld them. Compared to seamless, welded, and drawn tube, welded tubing is thicker in the rest of the wall. This is consistent in thickness. Welded tubing has slightly risk which is easily out of round just because of welded tubing's manufacturing process. The length of the tube can be leaved by the weld with the further interior unfinished. Compared to seamless tubing, Welded tubing is 20 percent of weaker. But we should concern the strength of burst.

Compared seamless, welded, and drawn tube, drawn tubing is more rightly. In order to weld the tube, we should pay more attention to the first process which is a stage of the fabrication. Drawn tubing can be drawn through a die after they are welded and formed. The way they worked is similar to the seamless tubing. In order to drawing the tube, we have two different ways to deal with them. One is sunk drawn and another is plug drawn. When it comes to the sunk drawn, we know that sunk drawn has no internal plug when the die is dawned by the tube. In terms of plug drawn, we should know that it has a plug smoothing the inside of the tube. We offer many kinds of welded steel pipe products.


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