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How to Protect Black Steel Pipe from Rusting

The time of issue:2014-3-7 9:16:07       Author:

Black steel pipe has played an important part in the pipeline industry thus do you know how to prevent black steel pipe from rusting. Throughout the years there have been significant advancements in the durability and reliability of black steel pipe. There is no doubt that cellulosic electrodes have proven to be very effective in the making of black steel pipe although they are technically limited in terms of strength, toughness, and production rates. Once the black pipeline construction became flourished, there was a strong drive to increase the production rates of black steel pipe because this type of steel pipe has dominated the landline industry for almost twenty years in spite of the efforts to produce alternative steel pipes. As a matter of fact, black steel pipe is widely used for a variety of applications in industries and around our homes. For example, it is very common to see black steel pipe used for household natural gas lines and sprinkler system lines.

Despite its popularity, black steel pipe requires special protection since it is a kind of plain steel pipe without any protective coatings. Since black steel pipe has no protective coating, it may rust easily in wet or humid environments. Therefore, to prevent black steel pipe from rusting or corroding on both the outside and the inside, users of the pipe might as well make some layers of protection on the outside of the black steel pipe. In fact it is not difficult to do so. All you need to do is to paint the external side of the black steel pipe. To begin with, you may clean the surface of the black steel pipe to remove any rust, loose paint or oils. A wire brush and wipe can be used to scrub the areas with rust or loose paint as well as the oily areas. If you have some kinds of cleaning agent such as acetone, try to make use of it to clean the black steel pipe. Then you may start to apply a thin layer of rust inhibitive primer using spray cans which allow for quick and easy applications. As a matter of fact, spray cans are very helpful in hard-to-reach corners on the black steel pipe and the fittings. In general you need to wait for a while for the primer to dry. Then you may apply another layer of primer in the same manner. However, it should be pointed out that you need to move the spray from side to side to ensure even coverage and that only after the layer is fully dry can you apply another coat. What is more, it is essential to touch up the paint so as to prevent larger repairs and if the paint is damaged, rust can develop at the damaged site. Therefore if any paint damage on black steel pipe is spotted, try to repaint the damaged area as quickly as possible.

Hope you know how to prevent black steel pipe from rusting and keep the pipe working for a lone time.

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