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Know More About Welded Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-3-6 9:25:56       Author:

There are a lot of kinds of steel pipes in the world. Welded steel pipe is just one kind. the weld quality is improved, different specifications of welded steel pipe are increased over the years. Instead of seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipes become popular in more and more areas.

So far, welded steel pipe has a lot species. Thus, it is significant to classify welded steel pipes. It can be clarified by application, the mode of production, the cross-sectional shape, wall thickness and the end shape. The longitudinal and spiral welded steel pipe we also talked about is clarified by the form of the weld points. Spiral welded steel pipe can use the narrow billet to product the large one. You can also use the same width of the billet to product different diameters. However, compared with the same length of longitudinal welded steel pipe, its weld length will increase 30% to 100%. Also, it has lower production rate. Thereby, a longitudinal welded steel pipe mostly uses the small diameter pipe, and the large one is used by spiral welded steel pipe for the most.

We may not be familiar with welded steel pipes. But it is very common in life. It can be used to transport low pressure fluid, such as conveying water, gas, air, oil and heating hot water or steam and other low pressure fluids. In this case, its raw materials are usually soft easy-welded steel. Welded steel pipes can also be used to transport mine liquid, like mine air pressure and drainage. Some furniture, toys and lamps can also be made up by welded steel pipes. If we are good at discovering, we can learn everything everywhere in life.

The test of welded steel pipes needs to attract enough attention. Firstly, test raw materials of welded steel pipes. The quality of raw materials is the key to ensuring the quality of the pipe. Therefore, all raw materials must be inspected prior to use. All materials can only be used after passing. Secondly, test geometry of raw materials. All products have a certain size requirements, so as the welded steel pipes. The strength, the width, the deviation and others should meet the stipulated requirements. Finally, test the exterior and internal defects. The exterior defects include camber, bending waves and waves wrinkle, uneven thickness and so on. The internal defects have shrinkage, laminated, non-metallic inclusions and segregation. All these defects may result in failure of welded steel pipes.

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