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The Ultrasonic Testing System of API Oil Steel Pipe

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Automatic ultrasonic testing is refers to the use of mechanical devices automatically move probe to achieve automatic scan of workpiece tested in the process of moving to use different ways to realize different ultrasonic wave type. Such as the different coupling method for API steel pipe automated testing. The records of the results of the test of the workpiece can be automatically recorded in a particular medium, such as the pen type record of paper tape, electrical, computer storage devices, etc.), you can also automatically tag (painting, printing, etc.) on the workpiece. It also can do automatic sorting of qualified and unqualified artifacts and so on. Automatic ultrasonic testing system usually also has the monitoring device (such as oscilloscope, flaw detector display screens and computer monitor screen, etc.), facilitate testing personnel according to signal detection monitoring system work is normal. Automatic ultrasonic testing system can be divided into two categories:

1. The on-line automatic ultrasonic testing system of API steel pipe

This is an automatic production line process (station), it is not used only to judge the workpiece tested qualified or not and automatic sorting or tag spray (standard) and the detection speed, detection system of the continuous running time, it also can judge the work environment conditions (such as high temperature, vibration, noise, etc.) of adaptability and detection systems to protect themselves, etc.

2. Offline (not online) automatic or semi-automatic ultrasonic testing system which is in the process of production as a separate the inspection process, it can be divided into two types of automatic and semi-automatic.

1) Off-line automatic ultrasonic testing system
All except sensitivity adjustment and the machine maintenance work steps, such as front-rear and defect alarm and record, tag, are all depend on the device itself automatically, such as the many domestic large enterprises currently have been using the application of the steel plate automatic ultrasonic testing system

2) Offline semi-automatic ultrasonic testing system of API steel pipe
Part or parts of API steel pipe working procedure needs to be done with artificial, such as checked material defects or workpiece loading and unloading and loading, tags, etc. For example in the aviation industry to the turbine and compressor disk disc parts and parts of semi-automatic water beam type ultrasonic testing system. With the development of science and technology progress, the domestic ultrasonic testing is most used the API steel pipe automated testing, automatic detection of main advantage is: Due to the ultrasonic probe and checked materials or workpiece automatically relative motion, compared with manual testing, it can guarantee acoustic coupling performance is stable; It can do rapid detection of bulk API steel pipe materials to conduct a comprehensive inspection of large area, which has the features of high speed and high efficiency; It can automatically record test results and make objective and tags, which can avoid human operators operating factor differences and subjective judgment error, etc. to ensure the consistency of the results.

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