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How to Apply and Store API Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-2-24 9:31:44       Author:

API steel pipe, with a hollow-section, has been usually applied to fluid transportation, for example, petroleum, water, coal gas as well as natural gas transportation. Meanwhile, ring-shaped spare parts made with steel pipe can make the utilization ratio of material higher, the process of manufacturing simpler and the time of processing shorter. Rolling bearing ring and things like that are often manufactured with the steel pipe nowadays. API is the contraction of American Petroleum Institute, one of whose main activities is the API standard design and revises. Almost all fields are involved by the standard which is highly comprehensive, systematic, excellent and authoritative. A leading role is played by this institute for a long time in the standardization field of petroleum industry, widely used over the world.

More precisely speaking, API steel pipe is mainly applied to the transportation of the drilling of oil and gas well. It consists of oil drill pipe, oil casing pipe as well as pumping pipe. The drill collar is always connected to the drill with an oil drill pipe so that drill power can be transmitted. And oil casing pipe is usually used to support the well wall, then the normal operation through and after the process of drilling a well can go smoothly. Besides, when we want to transmit the oil and gas from the well bottom up to the ground, pumping pipe will be needed. One concern about API steel pipe is how to store it properly. In order to avoid the falling pipes injuring someone, the foundation and wooden separators is supposed to be fixed appropriately. As to the storage of API steel pipe, what you have to pay attention to is not only the safety factors , but also the anti-theft strategies. The reason is that, after gathering API steel pipes as an unit which form a solid block, the varieties of lifting machineries can easily lift and transfer it. The following are the steps to store API steel pipe:

Step 1
A foundation should be constructed at the position where you choose to put the pipes. Many experienced stores prefer 4x4 wood pieces, which can prevent API steel pipes from rolling down and make it more convenient to drive the lifting machineries to handle the pipes off the ground when you are trying to remove the pipes.

Step 2
Try to place the first layer of steel pipes neatly on the 4x4s. One of the problems you'd better concentrate on is that the ends of the pipes should be even. And the width of pile has a suggested maximum of 6 feet, considering that a wider pile is too hard to be lift by machines. Then the second layer, whose ends are expected to be even with the first layer, can be tiled. Besides, the pipes put in the same pile ought to have the same size.

Step 3
Repeat the former steps until the pile achieves the desired height. Then it's the right time to accumulate the pipes as a unit. Next you ought to use the metal strapping to surround the pile, and a tensioner or sealer can be used to tighten the strapping. Finally,make sure that the unit won't break apart easily. One more tip. The storing area is supposed to be wide enough to allow lifting machines to enter and the strapping ought to have enough strength to handle the weight of pipes.

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