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What's the Application of Black Steel Pipe?

The time of issue:2014-5-16 9:57:14       Author:

Black steel pipe is one type of black plate. In the black processing, the surface of the pipe has been galvanized Zn or other substances. Therefore, it can also be called non-galvanized steel pipe. It is a kind of thin, uncoated cold-rolled steel with very high tensile strength and elongation rate. The thickness of this kind of steel plate generally does not exceed 0.0142 inches (0.36 mm) and its elongation rate can be up to 30%. Besides, its high strength generally forms in the forming (hardening) process. It adopts steel with high quality structure and is produced according to the JISG3303 ASTMA624-86-86, GOST13345-85 steel standard. In the process of melting, through chemical control, it ensures that the base metal is uniform, and the technology control in the rolling process ensures the consistent thickness. Black steel pipe is an engineering product with wide applications. It can be used as the base metal for tin and glazing coating process.

As it is non-galvanized steel pipe, it applies for the industry which doesn't need to galvanize the tube. It is mainly use in the oil industry. It means that even in the remote areas, it can have sufficient oil through the black steel pipe. In addition to this aspect, it can also be applied to other industries, such as sewage treatment system, gas distribution inside and outside the home. But it is never applied to delivery drinking water. Its unique strength makes it able to convey water, gas and air to the countryside and city without damaging the electrical wires. When it is in application, one matter needs attention is that the black pipe is easy to rust and be corroded. Therefore, companies which need to use it must smear some protective oils on the surface in advance. With the help of protective oil, black pipe will not rust and corrosion. So it is not necessary to frequent maintenance. This unique feature makes it the best choice to delivery oil, gas, water and so on.

Modern science and technology have largely led to the improvement of the quality of black pipe. With the progress of science, now, the speed of manufacturing the pipe has changed a lot. The incredible speed is 1100 feet per minute. What's more, not only the production speed changes, the quality of the product can also have dramatic change. How does this surprising change happen? This is mainly because manufacturers combine traditional production method with modern technology. They make manufacturing process change dramatically according to the diameter of the pipeline.

Anyway, thanks to the black steel pipe application, it has brought great benefits to the contemporary life. However, human beings should not satisfy the current situation and accelerate the scientific research to launch better products.


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