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Painting Technique of Seamless Steel Pipe

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In recent years, there are four kinds of automatic painting techniques commonly used in domestic and foreign countries. Welded steel pipes are playing an important role in machinery construction. Now this article will introduce the painting techniques of another most important part in modern construction—seamless steel pipes.

Process A: Curtain Painting Method. Coating front, back and intermediate table rollers forms a coating. Then proceed with shifter fork transfer, rolling transportation with chains, and put seamless steel pipes in a horizontal way into steam drying oven to heat and dry.

Process B: Using the method of electrostatic painting. Auger convey with oblique roller before, after and in the middle of painting to form a coating. Then transfer seamless steel pipes with spiral elevators to frames to cool, carrying out natural drying.

Process C: Transport seamless steel pipes with straight lines, and adopt UV painting system and vacuum painting method, combined with the scouring of the airflow to form a painting. Immediately proceed with radiation curing painting after coating. Its characteristics are that the formation and solidification of the painting are done between two rollers.

Process D: Adopt heating airless spraying method to paint. Use roller to convey seamless steel pipes before painting, and use subsection synchronization "v-shaped" chain to convey after coating to form a painting. And then transfer with steppers to horizontal "v-shaped" chain conveyor after painting steel pipes. And then place them into steam drying baker to heat and dry.

Comparison of Different Painting Techniques
Process A: Adopting curtain coating method leads to severe sagging of the coating. And due to the unreasonable design of table roller and the chains, the coating exists two longitudinal and many annular bruises. This process is being eliminated. Its only advantage is to proceed with heating and drying after painting.

Process B: Painting has the defects of sagging, spiral scratches of the whole body and whitening. The especially serious one is that the coating thickness in spiral scratches is only about one fifth of the specified thickness, and with poor appearance. At the same time, this process has a fire hazard of striking fires with static electricity, posing a threat to safety production. Without drying process is an important defect of this technique. Because this process has many difficulties to overcome and contradictions which restrain each other, making it increasingly archaic, and already cannot meet the requirements of automatic painting used in modern factories, gradually withdrawing from the field of seamless welded steel pipe painting.

Process C: It is a kind of technique with advanced technology and not very mature technology. It is obvious that this kind of process has great advantage of instantly finishing painting and curing in between the two rollers. But there are also difficulties which are hard to overcome, such as strict pretreatment requirements on the surface of the seamless steel pipes, and adhesive force will obviously decrease if does not proceed with it carefully. UV painting and equipments are expensive, with high requirements of technical management. And crisp coating is easy to falling off partly in the course of transmission, hard to repair. Because there are so many problems existing that constrain the promotion of this process.

Process D: It is a kind of relatively advanced and mature technology developed in recent years. It overcomes the defects of severe sagging, bruises, whitening, fragility and other painting defects. The generated coating has strong adhesion, flexibility, and rust prevention effect, with few sagging and integrated appearance. The process also has the characteristics of simple operation, complete equipments, low technical management requirements and safety. It is called “heating airless spraying technology of steel pipes” due to its perfect technology.

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