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Differences Between Black Pipe & Cast Iron Pipe

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The history of cast iron pipe has last long for centuries. Because it is suitable for almost areas, it has been used in sewer a long time. Cast iron pipe can be accepted by building code regulations for its durability. However, black coated rigid steel gas pipe and ABS sewer pipe are two other types of black steel pipe which are used in household construction. But there are difference between black pipe and cast iron pipe. The Sizes of Diameter is the difference between black pipe & cast iron pipe. 4-inch diameter 8-foot sections are the common sizes of installing Cast iron pipe. While ABS sewer pipe usually has a diameter range of 1 1/2 to 4 inches. However, compared to black pipe, gas pipe has smaller diameters which are usually 1/2 or 3/4 inch. We can use Gas pipe in many different lengths.

The Processes of installing pipe is the difference between black pipe & cast iron pipe. It is different from each type of pipe on connecting process. We usually sealed oakum and melted lead together in cast iron sections. Then we can use a rubber gasket and stainless steel band. Threading compound and female threaded steel couplings are connecting with Gas pipes.  ABS couplings and ABS cement are also fit together to make up ABS pipes.

The sections where the broken pipe needs fixing and removing are difference between black pipe & cast iron pipe. Cast iron is tough and brittle. But once it receives a heavy direct knock, it will break or crack. The size of cast iron can increase over time. The cracked section in a PVC pipe or new length of cast iron pipe should be replaced or cut out. ABS pipe is durable but easily break or crack if knocked it heavily. However, we can fix smaller cracks with epoxy putty and replace larger cracked sections with new ABS pipe. If we broke a gas pipe length, we can replace the broken gas pipe length with a new section in order to sure that there is no fear of leaks.

There are numbers of differences between black pipe & cast iron pipe. There are also other general differences between black pipe & cast iron pipe. Cast iron is hard to install and more expensive than ABS sewer pipe. Cast iron is heavier than ABS sewer pipe. Therefore it is dangerous to install. But we can only remember the differences we have mentioned.


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