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Progressive Decoupling of the Pipe Production Cycle

The time of issue:2014-9-23 17:25:16       Author:

Most API steel pipe markets make use of pig iron, raw steel, and finished steel to produce the final products. In fact, the pipe production cycle shows a similar pattern of increase although there is a partial recovery in recent ten years. The only exception is the markets for iron ore API steel pipe, which peaked in 1960s and has since declined by more than thirty percent. What is more, the steel casting market has been fairly constant throughout the entire 20th century while the scrap market has continuously increased.

The rates of flow in the pipe production cycle show a progressive decoupling in the API steel pipe production curves in different markets. This can be attributed to the iron chain in the first half of the 20th century. To the best of our knowledge, despite the wide range of studies of API steel pipe, there are no previous reports about the trapping of low density steel particles. The reasons for the API steel pipe decoupling lie in the growing trade in iron containing goods of most markets and the increasing use of steel scrap. In fact, part of the pipe production cycle has been substituted with iron ore and pig iron. Imports of API steel pipe have consistently exceeded exports for all upstream markets. On the other hand, some other kinds of steel pipe exports exceed imports for all downstream markets.

Of particular interest for the recovery of pipe production cycle is the market for products that have reached the end of their service lifetime. However, it should be pointed out that pipe production cycle is not covered by any statistics. The generation of API steel pipe therefore is determined by using model simulations, which demonstrate that the dominant secondary steel source can be found easily. Demolition waste from construction projects constitutes the smallest steel source for recycling in the pipe production cycle.

However, this flow can be expected to increase when more API steel pipe structures reach the end of their service lifetimes. Engineering estimates of pipe production cycle have led to varied projections with direct measurements of pipe production cycle. In addition to the common grades of API steel pipe, there are many more specialized grades of stainless steel for more sophisticated applications. Some of the steel pipe requires greater corrosion resistance as well as higher strength in the pipe production cycle. For instance, one of the best pipe production cycles is originally developed for acid service with the help of a group of super duplex alloys. They will not suffer pitting or crevice corrosion in pipe production cycle even when the steep pipe is immersed in ambient temperature seawater.


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