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Tips on manufacture welded steel pipes

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Tube manufacturing begins in the steel mill. The steel mill is the place where slabs and billets are cast. Billets are the place where production of seamless tubes starts. Hot-rolled plate is the major material which is a made-up of large diameter and heavy-walled pipes. While cold-rolled or hot-rolled slit pre-material is an important part of strip welded pipes. 

According to the wall thickness, outer dimension and final application, welded steel pipe are manufactured with different ways. Depending on the production route, Strip welded tubes are made of a strip accumulator which can continuously carry on the production of tube. It is made from the material which has introduced in the text. In order to make perfect joint geometry, we should do this before welding steel pipes and tubes. Even the forming of cold is made from flat strip into a round profile step by step. When the edges approach the welding rolls at the welding station, they are getting together.

Strip welded tubes has typical welding methods which are autogenously tungsten inert gas or plasma arc welding. Now the productive laser welding methods are used for tube manufacturers. When this is a requirement of product, welding pipes and tubes can be carried out along with filler metal. Then grinding of the weld seam that is outside the pipe is following after welding pipes and tubes. It is necessary to relieving solution annealing or stress through code or application requirements. At present, more and more modern welding lines are armed with inline induction annealing. This heat treatment not only reduces residual stresses of the cold which is formed tubular product but also improves properties. To straightened and nominal diameter, the tube is calibrated after annealing. The tube is tested and marked nearly 100 percent. It is normally 100 percent de-burred, visually inspected and finally packed.

The cleaning is a part of the process and it usually along with acid pickling. Whatever online or offline, the cleaning can be performed. Heavy-walled pipe which is thicker than 6 mm and pipes along with large OD are larger than 500 – 600 mm. Heavy-walled pipe and pipes along with large OD are made from plate or sheet piece by piece. In a hydraulic press or in a roller bending machine, the forming is made by people relay on thickness. I, Y or X shaped joints with PAW and submerged arc welding or combinations of these are formed with Welding in specially designed welding machines.


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