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Tips on How to Make Seamless Steel Pipe

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Seamless steel hollow sections, a lot of fluids used for pipeline transportation. Such as transport oil, natural gas, gas, water pipes, etc., and some solid materials. Compared to other steel and solid steel bar, the same torsion strength in bending, lighter, is an economic cross-section steel.

The main production methods are hot-rolled steel (including extrusion), welding and cold three categories. Cold is the secondary processing of steel.

Hot-rolled seamless steel tube manufacturing process is the solid (or ingot) and rolled into a piercing shape, size and properties of the steel pipe has requested. The whole process has three main deformation processes: 1) perforation - the solid billet (ingot) wearing hair rolled into a hollow tube; 2) rolling - will be rolled into a capillary close to the required size of the blank pipe; 3) reducing fixed - will shortage of rolling mandrel pipe without having the required dimensional accuracy and true roundness of the finished pipe. According to the different types of mill different product varieties, specifications and production capacity etc.. Due to the different types of kinematic conditions rolling machine rolling , the stress state conditions , pass deformation , the total amount of deformation and productivity vary, so it must be with the amount of deformation and productivity are matching punching machine and other equipment around the process . As a result, different rolling machine accordingly constitutes a different pipe mill. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production methods is to set the pipe rolling mill type classification.

Also called black welded steel pipe, the method of its production tube (sheet or strip) by various molding methods are bent into a desired cross-sectional shape of the volume, and then use a different welding method for welding the weld process. Forming and welding are the basic steps, pipe production method according to the characteristics of these two processes is to classification. Continuous straight seam welded ERW and the main use of high-frequency welding of two ways; UOE method is the main method of producing large-diameter straight seam welding of non-contiguous; Another spiral welded, the year when the steel plate width is mainly restricted to the production of large mouth methods machine pipe taken. A cold rolling, cold drawing and cold spinning of three kinds of steel tube cold processing method, the essence is cold spinning.. Cold rolling mill and cold spinning machine specifications expressed their product specifications and mill type; drawing machine specifications with its permissible rated drawing force to represent.


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