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The Wide Areas of Stainless Steel Pipe Usage

The time of issue:2014-7-22 8:38:09       Author:

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of common material, which is widely used in various areas and has an important role in the rapid development of modern society. API steel pipe, for example, is a successful representative of stainless steel pipe usage. The areas of stainless steel pipe usage can be generally divided into seven categories. In the rest of this passage, we will give a brief introduction of these seven categories. Let us begin with the first area of stainless steel pipe usage. The most common usage of stainless steel might be suction tubes.

Generally, the suction tubes we meet are the drinking straws. But they are made from plastic materials. The suction tubes we are talking about here are mental products. They are usually used as precise instrument in hospital or the water supply pipes of some luxury departments. The second area of stainless steel pipe usage is to convey solid. The solid we mean here refers to powders, chippings or garrulous objects. If these solids are conveyed in other ways, they are easy to leak and cause environmental problems.

Sometimes, the objects that are needed to convey might be poisonous or corrosive, so the application of stainless steel can effectively avoid many safety problems. The third area of stainless steel pipe usage is to convey gaseous objects, such as natural gas, coal gas, steam and so on. We all know that many gases are flammable and combustible, so the use of stainless steel pipe is far safer than plastic pipe. The fourth area of stainless steel pipe usage is industrial field, such as dust extraction. It is also used as pumping equipments in some machines, such as air-conditions and ventilating machines. Stainless steel pipes can also be used as protective tubes. This is the fifth area of stainless steel pipe usage. Because stainless steel pipes are corrosion resisting and perform well in crush resistance, so they can be used as protective tubes of some easily damaged objects or expensive things.

Besides, the stainless steel pipes are shiny and beautiful. The good-looking appearance of stainless steel pipes makes them very popular as protective tubes. The sixth area of stainless steel pipe usage is high sophisticated industry and high-tech research. Because the stainless steel pipe has a lighter weight than other metal materials when bearing the same strength of bending and torsion, therefore it is the ideal material of engineering structures and the manufacture of machinery parts. The seven area of stainless steel pipe usage is weapon manufacturer. Due to the high combination property of stainless steel pipe, it is always the favorite material that is used in the manufacturer of conventional weapons. In fact, the invention of stainless steel is owing to the gun-barrel making. So far, we have finished the introduction of the areas of stainless steel pipe usage.


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