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How to Clean A Black Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-11-10 9:15:58       Author:

There are many kinds of black steel pipes, such as the carbon steel pipes, the water-gas steel pipes and the natural gas steel pipes. The black steel pipes have been widely used in our daily life. If the black steel pipes have been used for quite a long time, it may be dirty or have some cracks or even be broken, in which case you might as well buy a new one. So now I am teaching you how to clean a dirty black steel pipe.
First of all, let me inform you of the importance of cleaning pipes. The pipeline cleaning uses chemical or physical method to clean the dirt on the internal surface of the pipes so that the pipes can be normally used again. Generally speaking, the fatlute and the rust of metal will occupy the inner space of the pipes. More importantly, the dirt inside the pipes will produce poisonous gas such as the hydrogen sulfide and thus cause the pollution in the inner environment and eventually lead to a fire blast. The acid and alkali matters will corrode the wall of the pipes, and the rubbish in it will clop up the pipes.
Now you are aware of the consequence if you do not clean the pipes. So, in order to deal with those black steel pipes which are badly corroded or blocked by some deposition of dirt, a frosted pill may be a good choice. Choose one pill in suitable size according to the diameter of the black steel pipe to be cleaned and launch it repeatedly until the deposition of dirt remained in the black steel pipes has almost been wiped out. And then we need a clean shell for the final cleaning. The frosted pill can only be used in the straight steel pipes or those steel pipes whose curvature is not too big for the frosted pill to pass. It is possible that the cleaned black steel pipes will be corroded by the oxygen, so a pill which has been soaked in anticorrosion of chemical liquid is necessary in order to protect the black steel pipes from being damaged by the oxygen. A steel pipe that has been incised should be cleaned before it has been welded with another steel pipe.
In order to make sure that the area which has been cover can be cleaned too, you can launch the frosted pill from a random end of the black steel pipe and then launch another one from the other end of the black steel pipe.
A water filter is recommended where the frosted pill is supposed to be launched in order to make sure that the air in the black steel pipes is completely dry and clean. What is equally importantly is that the ends of the black steel pipes should be sealed after the last frosted pill has been launched. This action is supposed to make sure that the black steel pipes are not to be polluted by the outer environment again. Some certain kind of tube end sealing system on sale in the market is specially designed for this situation, and generally they are effective and easy to use.


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