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Identification of Fake Spiral Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-6-24 9:45:28       Author:

The identification of fake spiral steel pipe is as follows
Firstly, it is easy for inferior to fold. The folding formed on the surface of spiral steel pipe is often throughout the entire products during manufacturing. Why the folding is caused is because the manufacturers only pursuit the efficiency instead of the quality of the manufacturing process. Then the folded steel may crack when bent, which will lead to the decline of the strength of the spiral steel pipe.

The second is the inferior pock of the black steel pipe exterior. The pock is caused because of the irregularities on the surface of the badly worn groove steel pipe, which is caused by uneven defects. Because many manufacturers pursue profits, and the rolling groove often exceeds, so the quality of spiral steel pipe is poor. What is worse, the scarring often appears on the surface of the inferior spiral steel pipe. The surface material of the spiral steel pipe is so poor that it is easy to crack because it is blank adobe. Due to there are so many pores in the adobe, the steel pipe may crack during the cooling process under the thermal stress.

The manufacturers of poor quality spiral steel pipe are equipped poorly, which is another reason of inferior pipe. There for the spiral steel pipe is produced burrs easily, and then the strength of steel may be reduced by deep scratches.

The other signal of inferior spiral steel pipe is that the inferior pipe is without metallic luster, pale color similar with iron. This is caused by two reasons including adobe bland and unstandard rolling temperature. If the temperature of rolling cannot meet the standard, even if it is steel temperature visually, the region is still not carried out. Besides, there is often such phenomenon as ribs thin and low and often sufficient dissatisfaction.

Some manufacturers may save material so that the pre-finished roll plunge two channels are too large, and then the strength of the spiral steel pipe will be decreased, which in turn cannot meet the standard. In addition, if the quality of timber material is poor, some phenomenon may appear, such as uneven, and no metallic luster.


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