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The Overview of the Seamless Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-6-4 10:15:51       Author:

Many people may ask what seamless steel pipe is. The seamless steel pipe is a kind of pipe with hollow section to be used as the pipes to deliver liquid such as oil, natural gas, water and some solid materials. And compared to solid steel, the seamless steel pipe has lighter weight when the strength of bending resistance and twisting resistance is equal. And the seamless steel pipe is a kind of steel material with economized section to be used in manufacturing components with different specifications like oil drilling rod, car transporting axle, bicycle frame and scaffolds that are used in building operations. And the components manufactured by the seamless steel pipe has the benefits of promoting the using ratio of the material, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing the material and process period.

In addition, in order to know what seamless steel pipe is, it is better to know the mechanical property of the seamless steel pipe. The mechanical property of the seamless steel pipe depends on the chemical components and heat treating regime. And different seamless steel pipes have different tensile property, hardness as well as toughness. In addition, some users also require high and low temperature property.

1. Extension strength
In the middle of the stretching, the maximum force the seamless steel pipe bears when snapping divides the original sectional area to get the stress which is extension strength. And it shows the maximum capacity to resist the destruction under the tension function.

2. Proof stress
And materials with yield phenomenon are able to continue to stretch when the force keep stable in the middle of stretching. And when the force is going to decrease, the force can be divided into upper proof pressure and bottom proof pressure.

3. Hardness index
The ability of metals to resist hard surface of object sinking is the hardness of the seamless steel pipe, which is another factor to know what seamless steel pipe is. And according to different testing methods and application range, the hardness of the seamless steel pipe can be classified into BH, Rockwell hardness, Vickers hardness, Shore hardness, micro hardness as well as high temperature hardness. And the common ones for ordinary seamless steel pipes are the former three. Actually, the answer to what is seamless steel pipe is a kind of welded steel pipe with higher performance and wider application. In addition, the seamless steel pipe is always suitable for delivering liquid due to its seamless property. And it possesses well corrosion resistance performance to deliver water and other kinds of liquid well. And it is one of the important construction materials in modern society, playing crucial role in engineering construction.


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