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Tips on Filler Metal Selection for Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-29 11:03:53       Author:

Generally, welded steel pipe is installed filler metals with 308(L), 316 and 309L. However, the different kinds of filler metals have their special attributes, benefits and limitations. NO matter it is GTAW cut lengths or tubular wires, the filler metals have their uses, parameters and must meet some shielding gas requirements. The recommended usage is used to check the filler metal manufacturer. When the filler metals will be welded, those filler metals should be in a clean, dry area of similar ambient temperature. The condensation, which may damage the filler metal and lead to weld defects, is usually caused by the temperature swings between the storage area and weld cell.

The filler metals which are called cut lengths or filler rods are usually used in the gas tungsten arc welding process (GTAW) because of the high quality results of the process. The GTAW process is one of the most popular for welded steel pipe. What is more, the welded steel pipe with these filler metals can be used to minimize the opportunity for entrapment, as well as eliminate the need for post-weld cleaning. There are various kinds of diameters of cut lengths which range from 1/16 to 1/8 inches. The standard length of cut lengths for industry is 36 inches. However, there are several disadvantages when using the GTAW process. Firstly, it is very slow. Then, back-purging with shielding gas may be required, and in turns the costs and downtime for setup will be added.

The welded steel pipe often uses SMAW (shielded metal arc welding) electrodes because they are available and familiar with welded operators. The electrodes are useful for achieving proper ferrite numbers. But the SMAW electrodes may be slower and less efficient than other filler metals. In addition, because the SMAW electrodes are only 12 inches long, they must be changed frequently during welding which in turn will increase time and cost.

Solid wires are usually used in welded steel pipe. The position for root, fill and cap passes can be welded out by the solid wires. Sometimes, the chemistry of the welded steel pipe cannot be matched with the filler metals, and then the availability of filler metals may be affected. Usually, when welding welded steel pipe, solid wires can provide good deposition rates which makes the solids wires a more productive choice than other filler metals.


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