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Brief Introduction of ERW Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-27 12:04:37       Author:

Before talking about the ERW steel pipe, people have to know some fundamental knowledge about the supplier. Welded steel pipe supplier, namely, refers to the direct provision of the steel pipe to the retailers, who just sell their products to the consumers. In a word, welded steel pipe suppliers build a bridge between consumers and manufacturers. Suppliers can get the latest news about the consumers and then report this feedback to the manufacturers, and then manufacturers can understand the precise demands of the consumers. They will alter their previous producing plan to better satisfy the requirements of users so as to strengthen their product competitiveness. What' more, by communicating with the steel pipe suppliers, users can master the latest news and technology concerning this pipe industry. After comprehending the market trends about this field, consumers can make a better purchasing choice. This article will give a brief introduction about ERW steel pipe on the basis of a supplier.

ERW steel pipe, which can also be called electric resistance welded steel pipe, gets great popularity gradually nowadays for it can make low pressure fluid transportation available. Comparing with other types of steel pipes, ERW steel pipe has the following advantages: working with quite high efficiency; automating simply and easily; saving materials as well as low expenditure. In a word, it is relatively economical. Thanks to these advantages, ERW steel pipe has wide applications in various industries. In addition, with the development of aerospace, ERW steel pipe will be more and more popular. It generates heat through by connecting the surface and the work piece in the close region. Besides, it is manufactured by the welding method.

When talking about the manufacturing process of ERW steel pipe, two basic catalogues must be introduced: cold rolled ERW steel pipe and hot rolled ERW steel pipe. Users have to know some unique features of this pipe: high toughness, strong anti-corrosion, high deformability. Owing to these special characteristics, the number of ERW steel pipe production is gradually and steadily increasing for the greater requirements in infrastructure and automobile industry. Most importantly, in addition to the cheaper manufacturing expenditure, the wall thickness of ERW steel pipe is more tolerant and its size can reach 0.4 metre diameter, which make it favored by consumers.

The above contents are what we mention today. Anyway, there are so many types of ERW steel pipe that we can't introduce them thoroughly one by one. However, you consumers can always seek consultants and advice from professionals. If you have problems, you can always get touch with us to get help!


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