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Black Steel Pipe Main Features and Introduction

The time of issue:2014-5-19 12:30:49       Author:

Black steel pipe is a pipe which is not galvanized. Why do manufacturers choose “black” as its name? Black comes from the iron oxide coating whose color is dark on the surface of the pipe in the process of manufacture. Those industries without needing galvanized coating prefer to choose it. When it comes to what black steel pipe is, it has to mention its history and development. William Murdock made great contribution to the development of modern welded pipe. In 1815, he?invented a new system of light by burning coals. In order to make the whole London people are available to it, he came up with a creative idea. He used the barrels from the abandoned the firelocks to make a constant pipe system. By adopting this system, he made all London people accessible to the coaling light.

In 1824 James Russell applied for the patent for the invention of a new way to manufacture metal tubes. This method was both cheap and easy to install. In 1825, Comelius Whitehouse invented how to form butt-weld, which laid solid foundation for the progress of contemporary tubes. In 1911, John Moon improved the pipe-making process based on the Whitehouse's way. His innovation got a warm welcome by those manufacturers. And there were great demands for the metal pipes. Nowadays, with the development and progress of modern technology, more and more manufacturers begin to combine the traditional producing method with modern technology. Therefore, the production efficiency as well as the quality gets great improvement. ?What's more, the application of X-ray gauges makes sure that every pipe has the uniform wall thickness.

When introducing what black steel pipe is, you can never forget its similar model—galvanized pipe. They have similar appearance. How to tell them without confusion? Here are some useful tips. First of all, users can check the surface color of the pipe. Black pipe is flat while the galvanized pipe is gray and its surface is silver. Secondly, the use and purpose of these pipes are useful. If it is applied for delivering gas, it is black one for its safety while transferring water, it must be galvanized one due to its strong anti-corrosion. Thirdly, finding out the installation time of the pipe will help you. If it was installed after 1950, it is likely that it must be black pipe as the galvanized one didn't be installed any more about this time.

There are various types of black steel pipe in the competitive market. Since users have known what black steel pipe is, you can select one according to your specific requirements. If you are still not knowledgeable about the definition of this pipe, go and ask professional persons for advice.


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