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You Can Make a Welded Steel Pipe by Yourself

The time of issue:2014-4-2 10:26:33       Author:

The welded steel pipe is the fundamental element in so many areas such as house decoration, construction sites, resources transportation and energy resources storage and so on. And the welded steel pipe is the most popular pipe used recently. Steel has some fine features like excellent flexibility, fabulous ductility and a great high temperature resistance, which make it common to be used in all kinds of industrial constructions. You must be familiar with it. Therefore, you can use it to DIY a welded steel pipe for temporary use or urgencies. Don't worry. It might be easier than you think.

To DIY a welded steel pipe, not only you have to possess some basic manipulative ability, but also some knowledge of math and physics. If you make some small pipes like tubing, you can use regular handmade tools to finish it; while if you prepare to construct a heavy gauged pipe applied in some high-pressure conditions or extreme sealing equipment, you have to work on with the help of large machinery. Make sure the purpose of your steel pipe and follow the special instructions. You'd better measure the length, diameter and thickness of the pipe's wall you need. These data have to be measured precisely which will determine whether your final work will be well-matched to the vacancy.

Put on the gloves every time you work, and you need a big vise to fix the steel material. Use a shear which should be huge and sharp enough to cut off a piece of steel. According to the diameter of the outside you measured, calculate the side length by multiply the diameter by pi. And in order to have some place to bond the steel into a pipe, you have to leave a certain area like 1 or 2 inches as your actual needs to cohere the steel sheet. The length of the other side is surely the length of the welded steel pipe you need.

With the steel sheet prepared, now you have to deal with the sticking problem. You should roll the steel sheet on the table or ground somewhere really flat. If you're not able to do it with bare hands, you can apply some facilities like a jaw vise, and certainly you can call someone to help you in the step. When you are rolling it, you have to make some adjustment as well to ensure the edges of the sheet are matched. Then you can weld the seam of the pipe. You have to be very cautious when you do that. Some protective measures like safety mask and heat insulting gloves are essential. After it dries, your welded steel pipe is pretty mush finished.

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