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Ever-changing Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-3-26 10:25:14       Author:

In some impressions, we believe that welded steel pipe are the same, all black, only have a function, and only deferent from each other is the size. In fact, welded steel pipe has many types, different shape; there are also many different uses. Just the different cracks might distribute into a lot of kinds of steel pipe. The following will simply introduce some kinds of welded steel pipe.

First of all, according to the difference of weld steel pipe shapes, we can be divided into straight seam welded steel pipe and spiral welded steel pipe. Different from the spiral welded steel pipe, the technology of the straight seam welded steel pipe is quiet simple. However it occupies some unique advantages over the spiral welded steel pipe. It has higher production efficiency but lower cost so it develops faster than other pipes. Another ,the intensity of the spiral welded steel pipe is higher intensity than general straight seam welded steel pipe, but the production speed is lower.

Secondly according to the different purposes, we can list a variety of welded steel pipes. For instance: General welded steel pipe and galvanized welded steel pipe: The former is known as the clarinet, the latter one we called white tube. In addition to the appearance, which have different color, the two welded steel pipe are used for low pressure fluid transportation, main conveying water, gas, air, oil and heating steam, etc. Wire casing: also called ordinary carbon steel welded steel pipe. This welded steel pipe is used to protect steel wire in industrial and civil construction projects such as electrical installation.

Metric welded steel pipe: the thin wall of the welded steel pipe can be used in the production of furniture, lamps and lanterns, etc. But the premise to ensure the strength of steel tube and the bending test. The different characteristics and kinds of welded steel pipe make them used in the different aspect of production and living. With the continuous development and progress of society, the technology, security and quality of the welded steel pipe can be greatly improved.

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