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Several Major Ways to Make Welded Steel Pipes

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There are some popular ways to manufacture welded steel pipes.

1. The Single Radius Forming Method
The single radius forming method consists of circumference bending, edge bending and center bending. It is a way that to use a single radium to form a caliber, and place forming machine horizontal and vertical alternately, then the strip steel go through the middle of horizontal roller and vertical roller, curving the plate into a circular tube gradually.

2. Double Radius Forming Method
It uses two or more kinds of basic deformation methods, among which the most popular one is edge bending + circumference bending. It makes radius of finished tube as edges bending radius. Then curve the steel belt to a certain angle, and fix it. And the curve of the center of the strip steel is made by circumference bending forming method. It has stable forming process, uniform deformation and good quality in molding.

3. Cage Roll Forming Method
In order to avoid relative extension and vertical rebound deformation of the strip steel edge when molding the stripe steel on continuous molding units, many small rollers are allocated among horizontal forming rolls to replace the general horizontal forming rolls, making the edge of stripe steel proceeded on a smooth and natural deformation path. These small rollers installed in a cage-style frame become cage roll, which suits for the molding of thin-wall steel tubes.

4. The CTA Forming Method
It is one of the cage roll forming methods and developed by a steel integrated company in Austria in 1987. CTA device is composed of a number of continuous working rollers. Steel stripes are continuously and smoothly rolled into slit-tube with opening about 32 ° after passing through forming machine. And then it enters into the finishing mill frame, complete refined molding on caliber of finish rolling with a guide ring. Adjustment by racks has high degree of automation, one of the technologies of straight forming. The first three parts can be shared, and it can save rollers changing time, reduce consumed rollers and improve production efficiency.

5. UO Molding Method
After bending the edge of steel plate in advance according to the requirements, use U molding machine and O molding machine to proceed twice compression molding, making loop compression deformation(0.2% ~ 0.4%) in O molding and its residual stress being well-distributed around the open tube. Then make cold diameter expanding after welding O shape tube. Characterized by large capacity with 0.3-1 million tons annual output capacity, this kind of molding method is suitable for mass production of a single scale, and its investment is bigger.

6. JCO Forming Method
First of all, to crush the half of the steel plate into J shape, and then crush the remaining half. And make it into C shape after several compressions. Finally, press its center making it opening billet with O form and link it to proceed cold diameter expanding. This kind of forming method has great flexibility, especially suitable for producing thick walled tube with less investment.

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