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Alloy Steel Used in the API Steel Pipe Production

The time of issue:2014-7-11 8:32:50       Author:

Stainless steel pipe maker makes use of different methods to produce API steel pipe of varied grades and sell them to all parts of the world. Recently the API steel pipe isothermal quenching has gained increasing popularity as it is used also to low alloy steel with higher silicon content to produce carbide free products. The API steel pipe is made from steels that are processed with the transformation plasticity effect during the initial loading. This method has been more and more frequently used in such industry as the construction and underground piping system. The micro structure of API steel pipe steel consists of ferrite and some amount of retained austenite so that the final API steel pipe product is very similar to the previous API steel pipe in terms of the matrix micro structure.

Therefore, stainless steel pipe maker might as well know the comparison between the cutting edge piping products and the previous models. The API steel pipe quenching procedure is also very similar so it would be very interesting to compare the micro structures of both API steel pipe products to see the similarities as well as differences between them.

In order to carry out the comparison of API steel pipe matrix micro structure with the steel micro structure made from low alloy steel. The steel will be devoted to the design of advanced API steel pipe that will be selected to be the first grade product in the usage. Different kinds of middle carbon low alloy steel may also be used in the API steel pipe production so as to reduce the costs and the relative high concentration will be used to prevent any precipitation from happening during the API steel pipe formation.

Moreover some amount of Ni, V and Cr will be used to improve the harden ability of the API steel pipe product and a certain amount of Mo is very helpful to prevent the temperature from going up all the time. The API steel pipe isothermal quenching for different kinds of steels is approximately five hundred degrees. It should be mentioned that however, as other high strength API steel pipe is exhibited in the effect steels, the material used for the comparison has to be thermo-mechanically treated in the first place so as to produce fine grain micro structure. For comparison the results will be obtained in terms of the commercial grade API steel pipe iron that is treated at nine hundred degrees and then isothermally quenched in a brief manner. The temperature and time of API steel pipe quenching are very different, which is largely depending on the micro structure of the API steel pipe we would like to produce in the end.


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