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Welded and Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication

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Stainless steel pipe is more suitable for those applications that are high corrosion resistance, versatility, and relatively low maintenance cost. There are several functions that require vary degree of specification, so some standards are required to ensure the proper use and manufacture of stainless steel pipe. There are two types of steel pipe including welded and seamless. This article will tell something about welded steel pipe fabrication.

During the fabrication of welded stainless steel pipe, we should melt alloys to meet different commands of the grade and the application. Either a hot or cold formed coil is suitable for basic strip of stainless steel, from which the pipe is to be formed. If the pipe is made from cold formed, there may be a smooth finish. In addition, the mechanical traits will be stronger and the tolerances will be closer than hot formed coil-based pipe.

No matter the stainless steel is hot or cold rolled coil, the process of welding is same. We should first separate the coils into designated widths. Secondly, apply the forming processes. In general, we use welding rolls in the fabrication of stainless steel pipe to seal the seams of each formed tube. After completing the weld process, we should begin to condition weld bead. Size the pipes when the step is complete, to ensure the pipe can meet different requirements of designated dimensions, such as diameter, roundness, and straightness. Then the next step is cutoff, which means to cut pipe to establish the final length of the pipe. There are several ways that can be used in the cutoff step, but we usually use abrasive cutting, which does not require changing size. Sometimes, we also use shear cutting to protect the integrity of pipe during cutoff step, which may lead to warped or misshapen.

If the process of welding in the fabrication of it is not used, we can adopt extrusion, piercing, or gun drilling to manufacture seamless stainless steel pipe. The basic material of piercing is stainless steel metal bar, and then a hole will be pierced in the bar. However, when there is more than 12 percent chromium, the piercing is not effective. In certain cases, for example, when the pipe has unusual dimensions or a rare composition, we may require cold forming. One of such methods is cold drawing, which can be used to alter the shape of pipe.

By knowing about welded steel pipe fabrication, we can know welded steel pipe better, for example, the usage, the maintenance, and so on.


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