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How to Repair Stainless Steel Pipe?

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Stainless steel kitchen sink is suitable for almost all of the welded steel pipe design and simple, to keep them clean. They are mild, with your food than cast iron or stone sinks - and lighter to carry. When they are in the kitchen, though, they can weaken or puncture. Fixed in your stainless steel kitchen welding traditionally does sinkhole, but if you don't have high welding equipment, don't know who did it, you can use the stainless steel epoxy you mend the hole.

Clean the surface of the tank, the internal and external. Please ensure you start how to repair stainless steel pipe repair before, it was dry.

Inside the tank will block, in the hole, put your mallet or hammer, at around (or get a hand holding down the block, and you work from the outside) on the outside of the sinkholes. Gently remove from the whole digging around any horn stainless steel. You don't want to shake the piece of other welded steel pipe parts, but you are trying to make the hole is flush with the rest of the sink of the residual metal.

The outer edge of the sand and sink 200 sandpaper the area around the hole. You need to "scrape" metal epoxy resin and it will be more firmly when coms to how to repair stainless steel pipe.

Spray with a mixture of 50% of the water around 50% of the combination of ammonia in the area of the hole of a spray bottle. Use dry cloth to wipe clean. Ammonia and water from this area is to remove impurities.

Mixed epoxy resin according to welded steel pipe instructions of manufacturers. Your can reach the goal by putty knife on the sink of the lateral spread of mixture. With your hands, and make sure that no air bubbles. From the tank of the internal work, and, make sure no epoxy resin from the inside of the hole. Do come out with your hands to get a smooth surface.

After the epoxy resin curing, fill in your receiver to test your build for leaks, water let stand for 10 minutes, and then check for leaks. If you build for no leak, sand you use 400 sandpaper welded steel pipe outside, in order to ensure it's smooth. There may be air bubbles or space you don't have to notice the how to repair stainless steel pipe first time.


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