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Advantages of Welded Steel Pipe

The time of issue:2014-5-3 10:49:21       Author:

Throughout the last century, progresses both in the productivity and quality of the product were made in the area of steel pipe . Attention should be paid to the machines and technology for cold-forming of pipe from coils of sheet steel with automated spiral welds. Great efforts were made in testing, quality control, joints and protective coatings. Welded steel pipe has a variety of wide ranges of sizes and properties of the steel. So as to meet the official requirements of buried pipeline, steel pipe should be advanced in the following aspects: strength, ease of installation, high flow capacity, leak resistance, long service life, reliability and versatility, and economy. The properties of steel are well adapted to these seven requirements of buried pipelines, so this kind of welded steel pipe has many superior characteristics.

Welded steel pipe can be of high strength thanks to its steel. The pipe is forged with light weight, but can resist pressure both from internal and external. The minimal yield strength of most steel is 42,000 psi(290 MPa). There are also higher strength steels. Among all the properties of the material, longitudinal strength, also known as beam strength, is of significance because only if the strength is high can it bear different loads on non-uniform bedding. Also in the situation that the pipe is buried in soil that may easily slip or settle, this material will show its advantage.

One of the requirements for the pipe ring in the process of handling and installation of pipe burial is stiffness so that the steel pipe can maintain its shape to almost circular. The modulus of elasticity of steel is 30,000,000 psi (207 GPa). If the materials only have low modulus of elasticity, it must have thicker walls to become as stiff as others are. Also the stiffness can prevent collapse due to external pressure. Actually, there are many alternatives that can increase the ring stiffness that may be helpful in microtunneling.

Joints on both ends of the welded steel pipe are resistant to leak. The designers have taken being leak-proof into consideration in the original design. In fact, each of the small section are designed within close tolerance. So within the range of limited pressure and offset angle of the pipe fractions which have adjoined together,they are also bottle-tight.  Last but not least, long service life of a steel pipe is necessary. The service life of steel pipe relies on rates of external corrosion and internal abrasion. External corrosion has been well documented and solved. Internal abrasion is often caused by the grit in the fluid flow, so protective lining is of importance. If used properly with coating and protection, the pipe can be used for a longer time. As science and technology develop, the dream that the steel pipe can be used forever may come true.


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